media relations / community building / crowdfunding campaign

After two successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo Bonaverde aims to reach the next level with their business and built up an international network of farmers and traders to realize their vision of direct trading between the farmers and their customers. This is why they reached out to the Seedmatch crowd and started an equity-based crowdfunding campaign. The goal: 1 mio Euros within 60 days.


Setup the concept and strategy to convince potential investors of the business model. Market, media and target group screening. Preparation on critical voices. Set up of current wordings and texts. Briefing of the team for the campaign including community management and interviews.
All accompanying communications and PR measures (such as media relations, interview placement, speaking opportunities and much more).


More than 60 clippings in startup, economy, lifestyle and special interest media. First 500.000 Euros had been successfully reached after 9 hours (remember the goal of 1 mio Euros after 6 weeks). Active support of an authentic and reliable exchange with the community and journalists. Organizational support of several community and media happenings to showcase the prototype. Set up of international relations for future communication and market expansion of Bonaverde.

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