Tech Open Air

community building / media relations / concept

Tech Open Air is Europe´s first interdisciplinary technology festival which brings together Tech, Music, Art & Science and focuses on effective knowledge exchange and collaboration. With its open format – conference meets festival – Tech Open Air aims to be a platform on which different industries can grow together using technology as the common denominator.  The overall goal is to communicate across all disciplines with media relations & partnerships, community building and meaningful content productions.


As its sister company, Openers has actually taken care of all communications for Tech Open Air since the very beginning – even before we existed. Eventually the idea for Openers evolved in part through the overwhelming feedback that we received after two successfull years of organizing and spreading the word about our beloved festival. The actual event production is lead by Tech Open Air´s team, while we lead the content strategy for multimedia as well as press and media relations.


Over 100 clippings in TV, radio, print and online media; an international network of media partners and journalists, over 70 journalists on-site every year, exceptional video production and a unique, sustainable image.

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