Friday at Six

community building / media relations / branding

FridayatSix is a livestreamed media event featuring the big players of the Berlin startup scene. With peer-to-peer learning, best practises showcasing and an informal interview setting, it’s the ideal place for meeting likeminded people. Over the past 2,5 years, moderator and journalist Derk Marseille has interviewed more than 200 startup CEO’s – and is constantly changing the format with the needs of a constantly growing audience. This is where we come in.


The uniqueness of FridayAtSix is best exemplified by the ever-changing location and personality of experienced journalist Derk Marseille (we love listening to him).  FridayAtSix is also the perfect starting point for Young Professionals interested in starting a business, as well as Corporate managers interested in innovation. Since 2013, we have  helped them target and grow their relevant audience.



Constantly matching audiences at all shows, media & community partnerships with blogs and partners such as Berlin Brandenburg as well as Events such as BerlinWebWeek. Targeting international talents looking for relevant formats to connect and exchange knowledge.


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