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LingoHub offers an easy-to-integrate platform for web or mobile app localization. On-demand translation management helps developers to easily roll out their applications globally, without headaches or overhead costs. From the success of, LingoHub’s international team is now also building LingoIO, a cloud-based translation office. Combined, they can connect to any kind of digital content and make scalable human translation available to everyone.


The success of your business depends on how well you can scale it. Offering your app in more than one language is an essential step in any international product strategy – but it is not the only step! That’s why LingoHub operates within a network of partners to assist companies in “going global”. LingoHub takes away the hassle of translation – and with great partners, none of the other steps will cause any headaches either.


LingoHub wants to help make the web a more multilingual place and assists ambitious people in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams around the globe. Language is a people business, and they are excited about connecting supply and demand around the globe to make a difference.

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