media relations / launching / concept

Olivier Amar and David Habusha founded Tel Aviv based MyPermissions back in 2012.  The mission: Bring more transparency into the data in jungle in which private informations are accessed and used day by day – without  our control. MyPermissions helps you to overlook the access you want to give to apps and at the same time helps developers building trust for their products while showing which permissions make sense and which not. 2 million people worldwide are already using MyPermissions, as a web version or via the Android or iOS app.


MyPermissions was already a big deal as they promoted their app internationally from the beginning. On top of that, privacy and data is a huge topic on the current agendas and everyone feels somehow sensitive about it. However when it comes to a deeper understanding, most people just give up to pursue the topic. Our aim was to create special stories and help the crowd to understand the advantages of MyPermissions.


Screening of media landscape, market situation and current agenda. Strategy and content creation. Sparring Partner in storytelling options. Set up Wordings. Media Relations.
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