know how / community building

MYKITA is one of the most successful Berlin startup stories. Within less than 8 years, they have grown up from a small manufacturer to a globally recognized brand. They actually handle most of their social media activities and channels in-house, structuring and strategizing campaigns, marketing and content for a worldwide market. In a constantly evolving media landscape, new networks, apps and tools are always appearing. A revaluation of current and future practices is always required.


Together with the marketing, community and PR team, we facilitated an eight-hour workshop to identify new tools and measures for providing and managing emerging channels and content. We did a PERSONA analysis, identifying the target customer of MYKITA with all relevant personality traits, in a group of eight people. Through this exercise, we formulated new tools and widgets to operate within their global team.


We defined new challenges and tools to manage all their social media channels. Together we worked on new content formats and identified variable new target groups. As the most important result, we provided them with new potential content management systems and tools to link various networks and channels to work with.

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