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Science Park is the natural hub of the regional innovation system around Jönköping in the heart of Sweden and the first hand choice for anyone who wants to develop their entrepreneurship. They are actively committed to help companies find the right business model, team, opportunities for international expansion and capital for growth.


Connecting more than 15 inspiring and committed swedish (soon-to-be) entrepreneurs & the Jönköping team with the Berlin startup ecosystem. The goal: Learn from founders, investors, accelerators, event hosts, co-working spaces –  and feel the true spirit of a startup hub and its very own takes. Show divers go-to-market strategies, business & investment models, community management approaches & everything else within the process of building a company.


We met with accelerators such as Microsoft Ventures or Axel Springer Plug N Play, with startups such as EyeEm or Vamos, with startup personalities such as Ansgar Oberholz, we visited inspiring places & startup hub models such as our family at Factory Berlin or Betahaus andy many many more. We discussed, we pitched, we listened, we learned, we got inspired and encouraged them to find their very own way of taking the best out of it for their companies in Sweden. And surely, more than one will return sooner than later to our capital.

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