branding / media relations / concept

Following a full reboot of their business model – going from a DIY-idea platform for kids and parents to an app-developing studio that utilizes augmented reality technologies – Toywheel needed to communicate the pivot and establish themselves as serious contenders in the toy & gaming industry. So their first App – Toy Car RC – had to be positioned as an outstanding gaming experience for kids from the ages of 6-8 years.


Market, media and target group screening. Setup the concept and strategy for the pivoting and launch phase. Establish a trusted company image for parents and children. All accompanying communications and PR measures (such as media relations, interview placement, speaking opportunities and much more).


More than 20 clippings in startup, economy and family-oriented media. Built up a trusted image. Successfully managed the public perception of Toywheel as a digital toy development studio. Organized a „Game and think different – Augmented Reality Toys for kids“ event at Apple Store.

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